cannot be changed, it makes every transaction more transparent. 3 Main Pillars of Blockchain Blockchain technology has three main pillars, including decentralization, transparency, and immutability. Here is an explanation of the three pillars: Decentralization The first pillar is decentralization. Data on the blockchain is stored in a decentralized manner, which means that the data is no longer stored in one place or entity. All entities registered on the blockchain network will have the same copy of the data. Everything is integrated with each other, which makes the stored data difficult to hack. So, what is blockchain? This is our discussion this time. 

Blockchain itself consists of two

 Wrds, block and chain. In short, blockchain can be understood as a series of interrelated blocks containing digital information. Blockchain is a new technology developed to store data easily. Blockchain itself utilizes cryptography, the technology used by whatsapp database cryptocurrencies. This blockchain technology has advantages in many aspects such as data storage, time efficiency, security and transaction transparency. The blockchain consists of three main pillars, namely decentralization, transparency, and immutability. Hence this article. Stay tuned for our next article. goodbye. Learn What Are the Most Discussed Blockchains – The End Also read other articles to add your insights: 2021 Technical Miscellaneous Learn what a VPN is and what it’s used for Learn about artificial intelligence, definition, how it works, and examples.

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