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Swedish furniture company ikea is now giving consumers the ability to decide how they use their search history for previous purchases, product preferences and product recommendations. The new customer data controls will first be introduced in the app and then reflected on ikea’s website in the uk, france, the netherlands and spain.

Changes made to the app allow users to select private sessions, in which none of their activity is recorded. Ikea will allow customers to specify how long they can keep their data, and will not use browsing history to drive people to digital advertising.

Consumer Data Rights Are A Growing Concern With Europe’s Gdpr

Looked at whether these changes meant a change. For brands that gave control back to customers. Liz miller, vice president. And principal Chile Business Email List analyst at constellation research, described the decision. As “More likely to be seen as a slow transition to compliance rather. Than a rapid transition to security.” she pointed out a series of security. Blunders and breaches in recent years at ikea, the swedish flat-pack furniture gian. Applauded the decision and delivered a cautionary note.

The California Privacy Act,and Numerous Laws And Bills Elsewhere In The United States.

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This decision demonstrates that ikea understands. That a great customer experience extends to customer data as much .As it does to customer consumption,” miller said. Today’s global consumers. Are tirof feeling usand abused by brands that entrust them. With sharing their data and wallets.”

But miller understood that the real CH Leads test to loosen the reins on the ability of ikea and all other brands to collect consumer data would come later.

Will this company respect privacy and permission when interacting with customers throughout the process? Or will you reintroduce the question and ask it again, hoping someone will forget it? How will ikea prove that this move is more than a demonstration of regulatory compliance as a bold step in customer focus.




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