3 vitamins to wake up the hype and free it from drowsiness

It is no secret that advertising bores rather than dazzles the viewer. Tired of being confronted with advertisements that are always the same and seem anchored to the same old (repetitive) formulas. Therefore, a system change in advertising is urgently needed so that. Instead of boring the sheep, brands manage to seduce a consumer who knows everything and is not willing to tolerate any more abuse from advertisers. In a presentation recently given at the OWM Summit in Berlin. Uwe Storch, Ferrero’s media manager in Germany, urged his professional colleagues to turn the advertising industry around like a sock, relying on 3 pieces of advice.

The diagnosis: people are fed up

In these times, many people dream of a universe completely unrelated to advertising. According to a recent Nielsen report, one in two consumers category email list feels bothered by advertising. And not only that. 75% of consumers would willingly pay to be freed from the yoke of advertising. Approximately half of the people would pay more than 20 euros a month to lose sight of advertising. And 13% would spend even 50 euros to never have to deal with ads again. So what should advertisers do? Should they stop investing in advertising? Obviously not, but they must urgently change the formula. To make their way into the consumer’s mind and take root there. Today, 59% of consumers do not retain even a tenth of the content that makes its way into advertising (and the percentage tends to grow as people age).

The disease: advertising has forgotten to tell stories

It is more than evident that advertising fatigue weighs heavily on the consumer. But what is hidden behind that fatigue? Basically the lack of CH Leads courage of advertisers when it comes to telling compelling stories. Nowadays, many brands forget to adequately serve consumer desires in advertisements. And today, in a context burdened by multiple crises. The consumer is dominated above all and above all by a desire for security that advertisers seem to ignore. To connect with the consumer. Brands must choose topics relevant to people for their advertising (although such topics may soon turn out to be controversial).

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