Six tips for brands and companies to avoid purpose washing

The Association of National Advertisers of the United States (ANA) published a series of tips to avoid purpose washing. Therefore, which refers to the nonsense of some brands and companies that advertise their objectives and values. Therefore, without actually fulfilling them. Companies of all sectors and sizes understand that purpose is important to improve the lives of consumers, address social issues and make a real difference in the world. But in many cases these promises remain in the pipeline, which is why the ANA tries to help brands promote their values ​​and objectives, both in theory and in practice through six tips .

Develop a lasting strategic purpose statement

The purpose of an organization top industry data is its reason for being. Therefore, the “why” the existence of that company matters to the world, it is not a statement. Therefore, it is what it seeks to achieve. The ANA points out that the objective of an organization must be recognized as its “north star” or guide, no other business doctrine can replace it. The mission statement should be meaningful, coherent. Therefore, compelling and unique. These purposes must be valid over time and anyone should be able to identify how the company is working to achieve them.

Focus the company's purpose on authenticity

Authentic goals will always be better than CH Leads short-term trends. It is necessary that these are aligned with the values ​​of the organization. It is advisable to ensure that the purposes are aligned with the success of the business. Therefore, so it does not need to take the form of a social cause. The purpose is fundamental to the commercial approach of the brand or company. Therefore, it is not secondary or auxiliary. Purpose and profits are not mutually exclusive, well-planned objectives increase profits over time. The Association highlights that when implementing these objectives, it is necessary:

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