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Augmented Reality Creator Program, powered by Snap AR, is now open There is no denying the need for technology and digital media in every aspect of human life. Especially after the epidemic, human demand for technology has increased and digital transformation has accelerated. One of the rapidly growing digital transformations is the field of augmented reality (AR). Experts predict that the value of the AR field will exceed US$25 billion by 2025, and will continue to grow in the future. This means that the industry’s demand for digital talents engaged in AR will also be higher. Snapchat is one of the platforms that can be used to create AR products. Since 2021, Snapchat and Dicoding have been working together to educate more developers capable of creating AR products through the Snapchat platform. The program has successfully provided 8,485 scholarships .

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On the Snapchat platform and 3 challenges for Indonesian developers of the Snapchat AR Creator Ramadan Series, Independence Day Series, and Holiday Series, for a total of more on the Snapchat platform More than 3,500 AR products created. So to build on last year’s success, Dicoding is once again partnering with Snapchat to launch: the Augmented Reality Creator whatsapp data Program, powered by Snap AR, which includes scholarships to learn how to make AR products on the Snapchat platform and attractive prizes worth millions of dollars The challenge of Rs. The program is officially open to all Indonesian citizens with no fees and no quota restrictions. Through this program, Indonesian developers can become part of the largest community of AR creators in the world. how? Are you ready to take on exciting challenges from Dicoding and Snapchat? What are you waiting for? Register now at In college, Allen wasn’t very interested in coding. 

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Of its complexity. However, this made learning difficult for Alan, and when he had to learn to code, he didn’t really enjoy it. Until one day, senior Alan introduced it to Android Publisher. His senior showed him that he could earn passive income by taking advantage of this program. He just has to buy the source code of the app he wants from somewhere, change its appearance the way CH Leads he wants without touching the code, and publish it to the Playstore. This shortcut helped Allen financially for a while, from college to eventual graduation. However, the strict policies implemented by Android Publisher later made Alan think that he could not always rely on this method. As a technology graduate, he really had to learn coding .

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