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comprehensively if he wanted to create published work. From that moment on, Allen was struck by the fact that he had to learn Android development in order to create his own work and find a stable job. Allen realized that as an information systems graduate, he did not know enough to pursue a career in technology. Finally, he decided to join the numerous IT communities who introduced him to the Dicoding platform. Isn’t there a way for our passwords to be leaked via a pop-up like the one pictured above? Unfortunately there is. Did you know that the window above showing the authentication form can be rendered in the browser using HTML and CSS? Here is my attempt to recreate the window above using HTML and CSS. 

The window in the red box is no

 A browser window, but a window created using HTML and CSS. The next security measure is to use a password manager. Often, password managers will display (or even autofill) the credentials that can be used on the website the user is currently visiting. For example, if the visitor has previously registered on the   website, the password manager will display the user’s D  credentials. In the ws data image below, the Bitwarden plugin (an example of a password manager) shows the credentials I have on the Dic website. take shortcuts Let’s become a part of the world’s largest AR creator with and Snapchat! greeting, Indonesia DecodedStory: Cloud Graduate Developer and Backend Developer Scholarship Program Thought and hope are two things that are inseparable for human beings. We all certainly have a goal that we hope to achieve one day. Then it becomes our motivation to keep passionate about it every day. Not unlike us, Virza Misbakh Khoirudin (26) also has dreams about her dream job position.

The active student majoring

 In informatics at Amikom University in Yogyakarta hopes to become a systems analyst within the next five years. However, who would have thought that his sincerity would accelerate his dream, but Verza was not prepared. Wanting to make his own games, Virza is interested in learning programming Virza’s interest in programming began to grow during his fifth semester CH Leads in college, and he had to choose a concentration course. Almost all of Virza’s friends are interested in courses related to graphic design or online animation. What about him? Virza saw his friends’ low interest in programming as an opportunity. “It’s difficult!” his friend admitted. 

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