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Construtora Renault Diniz is another company with several years of experience in Flammo, and which has placeenormous trust in our work. The company is focuseon Minha Casa Minha Vida residential properties, and generally works with two launches at the same time, prioritizing the interior of Minas Gerais, in cities such as Santa Luzia, Ribeirão das Neves, Vespasiano and Justinópolis. This particular case brought us a lot of learning , as both CRD’s marketing and sales operations grew alongside our efforts, and we manag to bring great results over the years. The digital evolution of Construtora Renault Diniz The digital evolution of Construtora.

Some optimization insights:

Renault Diniz Like many other small companies, the construction company start its digital operation simply, building a new website. This has been going on for some time, around 2009. Years later, the company approach us to reformulate it, but now it was interestin using the internet to generate sales. In this conversation, we start with the most objective solution, which would be to work with mia to generate traffic and leads. As we will detail below, this work soon brought results, but it also unfold the company’s digital evolution, which went through  Special Data  three tactical stages: channel construction (new website); short-term lead generation (sponsor links); authority and rucecost per acquisition (SEO).

Continuous optimization actions

This is all parallel to several discussions we had with CRD’s board CH Leads and commercial management, bringing other results: CRM implementation; digitalization of business processes; construction of sales indicators. Let’s talk a little about how this was all done. The first pain: leads for the commercial Today, here at Flammo, we insist that the company invests in SEO as the baseline of the digital marketing project. This is because investing in organic search requires decision-makers to commit to the long  term and not be too anxious for quick results. When this doesn’t happen, it’s common for the company to question our work in the first few months. 

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