Info links claims to target intent more directly

To do this, it is important that you use these words appropriately on your pages. Do a search on a tool like Ubersuggest to discover related terms that are in high demand and plan your approach. 2. Set prices and good descriptions Google’s algorithm uses the information contained in your pages to give them due importance when selecting which links to display in your results.

chance of appearing prominently

Therefore if you want a greater chance of appearing prominently, you need to worry about including a good volume of relevant information on your pages. Fill in prices and other important data on your product pages. 3. Correctly configure  Latest database your meta tags The source code of your pages has special tags that control what appears on Google results pages, especially the title and description.

To increase your chances of success

To increase your chances of success, the text contained in CH Leads them needs to be as strategic as possible. Therefore, consult your e-commerce management system documentation or your development team to standardize your meta tags. Remember to include the most important keyword on the page in them. 4. Optimize your website elements Talking about optimization also involves thinking about compressing your pages’ resources, such as source code and images. 

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