How Does It Help Businesses In Advertising

  LINE Official Account or LINE OA is a business account of LINE Company that helps companies or shops do business online efficiently. by design Features that can communicate closely with customers at the same time in large numbers. LINE OA’s features can facilitate sellers, whether SMEs or LMEs, and create a good experience for customers to buy as well.

     The reason why many businesses have turned their attention to using LINE OA in doing business is because LINE’s features do not only meet the needs of communicating with customers in large numbers. but can also create promotions or content that fully expresses the identity of the brand in There is a feature that opens up a channel for followers to create automated messages. And create advertisements in a variety of different platforms, so each business can drive sales of their products and services to increase sales. can definitely sell Most importantly, it can help you take care of your customers so they don’t go away.

LINE Ads Platform or making advertisements on LINE’s platform will result from purchases. area on parts of applications to promote products and services This can be done in a variety of ways. Businesses can select advertising objectives as follows:

Business Objective

  1. Brand Awareness – Brand Awareness Fiji Email List which makes customers remember the brand and products of that business
  2. Increase Customer Base – To increase the customer base by adding various services to meet the needs of customers even more.
  3. Increase Sales – Increasing the sales of that product or service. to generate profits for the business
  4. Customer Retention – Retaining a customer base which is a retention of both old and current customers to come back to buy business services

Media Objective

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     The topics of the Media Objective are related to each Business Objective as follows:

Brand Awareness

Reach and Frequency – Reach and Frequency CH Leads that can make customers see ads of the business according to the needs of the sellerWebsite visit – visits to the website by allowing people interested in the business to click To go in to visit the website, view pictures and various information.Video views – Watching videos to increase the number of people seeing ads on various platforms of LINE.

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