It’s more about the bigger S21 Ultra

But it’s also worth a look. Of course, Samsung is sticking to IP68 waterproofing because it’s still a premium phone, but hiding behind these new looks is the problem that this phone is essentially a slight upgrade to the Galaxy S20 FE (albeit smaller in size), with a lower very heavy prices. What some will like is that the Galaxy S21 is still very affordable, so you get outstanding performance in a smaller device. display 6.2in, 2400 x 1080 pixels, 424ppi Adaptive refresh rate 48-120Hz HDR10+ support We talked a little about the design of the show above.

Samsung has bumped the Galaxy S21 back to full HD

so we won’t repeat it here – and move Denmark Telegram Number Data on to the next decision, which can be controversial. . This means that you have a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, 424ppi, while years ago Samsung offered a Quad HD + display. The truth is that Samsung has always implemented Full HD + as the default resolution, and many people happily accepted this and never reached the higher resolution offered. In a phone with a 6.2-inch display, this is not a huge issue, because you are talking about really good details, but it is true – in terms of size, the S21 is not a master like the generations of phones before it.

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iPhone 12 in terms of pixel density

It also, relatively, is now scrolling below the. But the USA Phone Number List big boost you get is the adaptive refresh rate, as the Galaxy S21 is able to switch to a refresh rate between 48 and 120Hz for the content you’re watching. This means that for a static page it will be low refresh and for a fast scrolling page it will increase. Less color and better gaming performance without draining the battery while moving. Amidst these changes, Samsung has kept the vibrant and punchy display it’s known for, and that’s exactly what’s happening. Although the default authorization might be a bit on the low side to make this display sing.


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