Like floating share buttons. our sticky side buttons will stick to the left or right side of your screen like on desktop computers. For example. if you host advertisements or recommend content on the right side of your website. consider populating the left side with your sticky share buttons. In fact. 85% of publishers choose this option on the left. 2. Do you want people to see the share buttons as they read? Because the sticky buttons remain on the side of the screen. they are easily accessible as readers scroll through content. At any time. a reader can stop. click and share. and then return to the article. Inline buttons. on the other hand. can appear in the right place.

How do you want readers to share on mobile

You could place them right after a shareable quote or statistic. for example. or pair with a reminder to share at the end of the article. With ShareThis’ free social mia sharing tools you can also customize buttons with calls to action. such as “Share.” ” Tweet .” ” Pin .” and ” Email .” Just choose the option under “Labels Button” and you are ready to go. You can also show the total share count. which helps encourage readers to participate and share with their communities. 3. 3. How do you want readers to share on mobile? Mobile assistance should be a cornerstone of your social strategy. In fact. last year. over 70% of social referrals in the ShareThis network came from mobile devices.

They’re also light in code and easy to install

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That’s why our share buttons are optimiz for mobile to help publishers manage traffic from smartphones and tablets. They’re also light in code and easy to install. so they don’t slow down load times. While inline buttons behave the same on mobile as they  CH Leads do on desktop. sticky side buttons do not. These share buttons remain at the bottom of the screen. rather than on the left or right side. This means that. with a simple swipe of the thumb. readers can easily share your content . To illustrate. here is a side-by-side view of sticky buttons and inline buttons on mobile. Ultimately. the choice between these two formats of ShareThis plugin is yours. You can select one and roll with it.

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