Microsoft Surface and ACCIONA launch a fun campaign

The goal of achieving a more sustainable world is in the sights of many, who are increasingly launching actions that can contribute to improving the health of the planet. On this occasion, the two well-known multinational companies, ACCIONA and Microsoft, have decided to join forces to launch an initiative with the aim of thanking people for their commitment to sustainability.

What is this campaign about?

The action is part of the electric category email list motorcycle service that ACCIONA offers in Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Seville). From today until September 14. All those people who use such vehicles may encounter surprises. On the one hand. ACCIONA has hidden Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse mice in the trunks of some motorcycles in its fleet. Which are accompanied by an original brochure – printed on a paper with seeds that can be planted. Which details the action carried out and the characteristics that define this product. The Ocean Plastic Mouse is another example of Microsoft’s Sustainability Project.

The fight for a more sustainable world with Microsoft Surface and ACCIONA

This goal of achieving a more CH Leads sustainable world is not a movement that emerges improvised. Both companies have been betting for years on proposals that go in this direction. Through which they have achieved important results. For example. All Microsoft Surface devices are created with a self-imposed commitment to minimizing the impact of production on the environment. Focusing on the use of recycled and sustainable materials. In addition. Microsoft also minimizes the use of raw materials whose production has a high impact on the environment, such as aluminum. 

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