Penalties If The Website Does Not Have Cookie Consen

Once we understand the different types of cookies. We will come to understand what is the meaning of cookie consent. Which in the past couple of years many people have probably. Seen banners that often appear when we click on various websites. This banner is the cookie consent banner, which is a plugin (plugin) that the website owner installs. To create an interaction between the website and its visitors. It is also known as a consent management platform (cmp) that allows users or web visitors. To decide whether to allow cookies to collect personal information.


This is partly due to the preparation of the previous. Pdpa law enforcement announcement, where the website owner.As the data controller, consent must be obtained from. The data owner or website users according to the pdpa law by creating. Conditions for website users. To be able to choose whether to allow the website. To use cookies or what kind of information can I have. Which requests to store cookies it is considered legal evidence of compliance. With the pdpa, which the data subject can withdraw or withdraw their consent at any time.


Who needs to make the Cookie Consent Banner

In general, entrepreneurs or website Iceland Mobile Number List owners who are required to comply with PDPA law are divided into 3 types as follows.

Owners of websites that use personal information, such as marketing websites. online selling website

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Websites outside of Thailand But the personal information of customers located in Thailand is collected.Websites that are employed to process personal data of customers

In addition, according to the PDPA law, in CH Leads addition to the owner of the website Must make a banner asking for consent to collect personal information still need to build “Privacy Policy” (Privacy Policy) as well, which organizations, businesses or websites that need to create a privacy policy are as follows.

Any business that collects personal information of customers or users such as name, email address, telephone number. for the purpose of offering products, services or marketing.

Any website that collects login information (Login) by email or various social network accounts.

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