SEO Consultant Pricing Demystified What to Expect

But it could also be a good way SEO Consultant for a niche player to monetize an SEO tools website through affiliation. Thanks to the authority and ease of ranking in this topic of the domain from which we link, we will be able to derive traffic to our website. Online reputation or authority of entities One of the reasons why link building is done is to improve the online reputation of a project, company or entity. Or the other way around, a project’s online reputation is created and link building is worked on through this. Bringing up the point of the entity’s work, from my point of view, the concept of EAT comes into this type of work.

The subject SEO Consultant of the person we want to promote on reference websites

We will work on the link building of a top industry data company or person to improve its reliability, authority and reputation. But how do we do this? There are several ways, for example, we can generate content that denotes the knowledge of the subject of the person we want to promote on reference websites in that sector. We can also generate content that truly highlights a fact that we want to promote or where that company or person is strong . For example, awards you have received, books you have written… or in the case of a company, its strengths.

Negatively affected online reputation strategies

Ex: My company is a reference CH Leads in the XY sector due to the opinions of its clients. And we would put real opinions that customers have given about that company or service. Through this type of practices we can work on positive or negatively affected online reputation strategies, either by ranking results above results that are not favorable for the brand or by generating a favorable image of the company.

Wait a moment! I have something good for you Look, I’ve been doing SEO for 9 years. 9 years in which I have met many webmasters and SEOs. The other day, without going any further, some friends met to have a few beers at home and it seemed like a convention for people who live off the Internet. Well, after meeting so many people and doing a lot of online trial and error myself, I am very clear about the keys to making money with SEO.

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