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Have you ever wondered what is the difference. Between seo and google ads marketing? Group of people. Doing business or even guests you may have heard about online marketing. With both costs whether or not there is a cost.Such as the person who said seo is good and free.With google ads that sees the same results, but has a cost hearing. That is followed by a big question mark: is seo really free and good. And with expenses like google ads, how good is it and. Is it worth it for us to do? And if doing seo and google ads together. Can it go? Let’s find the answer at the same time in this article.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is natural ranking

SEO is the optimization of website Nauru Email List content structure to be more quality. Have content and keywords that are in the same direction. It meets the needs of your target customers and doing good SEO can also help push your website to be ranked on the first page on Google, which popular SEO is combined with creating content to create content that can meet the needs. and needs of readers If your website is a website to sell products will use keywords that are suitable for selling that type of product It is inserted into the sales content on your website to impress customers with your website. SEO takes longer than Google Ads  SEO takes at least 6 months, but!Once your website is in the top air, it will stay on the Google page for a long time, not disappear like doing Google Ads, depending on how diligent you are in updating your website.


Advantages of doing SEO

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The number of people who clicked to our website CH Leads Will be a natural (Organic List) means that it is a real group of people who press in and have visited the website. This will increase your chances of making your website more known for free. Once ranked, the results will be stable and last long if you keep your website updated.

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