You’ll never need paper notebooks again

In the world of technology. We are used to devices with multiple purposes. One can point to the smartphone as the ultimate example. With its multitude of applications, it has replaced our alarm clocks. Calendars, work lights, sticky notes. Cameras and many other functions. So, when a gadget comes with a purpose, it grabs our attention. That’s what Norway-based ReMarkable is trying with its paper tablet. It’s a digital tablet, but it’s only meant to replace paper and pen.

Company is focused on recreating the real experience of paper

To do this, and pencil in writing, so India Telegram Number Data that in this age that wants to reduce our impact on the planet, it can replace physical notebooks and notebooks. It’s not cheap, but for those of us who like to write with pen or pencil on paper – whether it’s jotting down ideas, keeping a journal, or just sketching – it’s a modern alternative to the books that either take up space on our shelves or paper that inevitably ends up in the trash can. Design and display Size: 187 x 246 x 4.7mm / Weight: 403g 10.3 inch monochrome display One of the elements that makes the second-generation ReMarkable tablet so attractive is its design.

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It is made of a very thin piece of aluminum

And when we say super thin, it really is: imagine Taiwan Phone Number List if someone cut the iPad Air in half and you’re pretty much there. At just 4.7mm thick, the ReMarkable 2 is much thinner than your average tablet. This thinness makes it a pleasure to hold, but at the same time makes it easy to carry in your bag. You don’t need to make room for it. Likewise, at just 403 grams, it’s not too heavy either – about a third of the weight of a normal laptop. It’s not really meant to be carried around instead of your laptop, phone or tablet. Because of ReMarkable 2’s dedicated functionality, it’s really just an A4 notepad replacement.

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