Using Influencers To Help With Marketing

Marketing through Influencer or influencers in that industry These people will influence your target market. which they are known for It has a number of followers that your target audience or customers may be following and liking them.

We can clearly see the latter. Whether it’s beauty, tourism, shopping, eating, there will be people who are influential in that industry. What brands have to do is study. And look for those people your customers are following. and market through them through featured products or “sponsored posts.


So it will be easy for them to capture the attention of your target audience.



Many people have heard that the E-commerce market is growing very high in Thailand. There is a large turnover of money in this business. And of course Great Britain Email List there are those who see the value in the market making many people. People jumped into this field to divide the market share.

Influencers are known, liked and trusted by many people

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In doing E-commerce business, what is like the heart is a conversation or chat that answers customer questions, including taking orders through message channels. Even in modern times, people’s patience is starting to decrease. So if you’re a few minutes late replying to a customer’s chat. Customers may change their minds and go to competitors.

In E-commerce marketing, we should invest in responding to chats as quickly as possible. or real time itself And tools that can answer questions like chatbots come to help answer chats or repeated questions.

Chatbots – You’ve probably heard of chatbots that CH Leads help answer customer chats. Or answering questions that customers like to ask often in order to reduce the power of admins who have to gradually reply to chats And many questions from customers each day.

We can satisfy our customers with excellent service that exceeds expectations. This doesn’t mean just offering discounts, freebies, because customers want ways to solve problems. So if you can provide service and help your customers to resolve their problems. Customers will definitely be impressed and remember your brand.


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