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not only over the price levels of your ads but also over the placements and targeting options. For affiliate marketers especially, this is where things start to get really interesting! The ability to target specific audiences for different ad campaigns and select categories such as age, gender, GEOs, devices, etc, is a real game-changer for affiliates. Part of the purpose of an ad network is to provide data to the publisher, so they can track which placements are being fully utilized,

The network then facilitates the execution of the campaign through network tags

Which ones are generating the most clicks and which audiences are being targeted. However, this same data is also available to advertisers. A  and it’s this targeting potential that ad networks provide that is so attractive for affiliate marketers. There, Similarly, as ad networks continue latest database to provide more and more valuable services to publishers. A  they transcend their role of being simply an option to fill remnant inventory and become an additional source of premium traffic to publisher sites. This extension of their services is what gives them so much extra potential to affiliates, who can use this to find incredibly lucrative ad slots at extremely competitive prices. So what are some of the enhanced targeting options affiliates can benefit from? Well, depending on your ad network,

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Using this technology, you’ll also be able

You’ll find a bunch of features you can use to set up your campaign targeting. Types of Targeting Here are the most important targeting options you’ll find on CH Leads  ad networks: GEO Platform Device Carrier Publisher domains Keywords Time of day Browser / OS Retargeting Categories Audiences Interests Age Gender and more. Some ad networks might additionally allow run of all sites on the network (RON) or you can target specific publisher domains to run your ads which are non-category-specific (ROS). Next, you’ll want to specify your budget and frequency capping for the campaign.

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