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Furthermore, they are important because they generally have a domain with very high authority; hello! This is guilherme! I came back to the blog today to explain about link building . If you are interest in digital marketing , you have certainly come across this term before! And this is no surprise: consider one of the most important techniques for search engine optimization ( seo ), it has great relevance for taking a website to the top of google.

Step by step how to create


Do you want to know what link building is and everything it can bring to your business? So continue reading and let’s expand your knowlge new data together! Step by step: how to create a digital marketing plan for your company after all, what is link building? Link building is the practice of gaining links that point to a specific page on a website (also known as inbound links). When translat literally, the term means “ link building ”. You may have notic that, as you read texts on the internet, you regularly come across links that will take you to other pages , right.


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Ranking them on the results page

These links pass on the authority of one page to another, which can make a difference in positioning on google and makes this technique very valuable! How important is link building for a website? Search engines have robots that scan the CH Leads internet when a user performs a search. They list the sites that match the search in order of relevance , ranking them on the results page — the serp . This space is highly sought after by corporate websites, as it tends to bring great results for companies that reach high positions . To this end, there are ranking factors , and link building is one of the main ones! Imagine a room with ten people.

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