If you have a problem, close your computer and

If you have a It doesn’t happen to you that you make the same mistakes over and over again. It is difficult for us to identify them, but many times, despite being clear, we stumble over the same stone again. When I wrote about my mistakes as an entrepreneur , I was talking about one that I have decided to put an end to. Let’s see if i get it. I’m talking about the greatest unblocker, unblocker, solver… all the “-or” you want! I present to you,… she raises her head and looks out the window: the street.

What happens to us when we fail to move forward If you have a

If you have a What happens to us when we fail to move top industry data forward? We are blocked, we lack perspective, we are afraid, we lack data/experience… we tend to solve it by working more or avoiding facing them. But the solution is almost the opposite. We have to FLOW , change activities, get in touch with other people, seek support outside our context to change our perspective… and what is the best and fastest way? MEET PEOPLE , meet people who have previous experience on the subject, take a walk, go to events,…. Come on, go out into the street. 

What happen As is normal I find myself with blockages your computer and

What happen? As is normal, I find myself with blockages (change CH Leads blockages for the situation you want), to which I do not dedicate time because, simply, I do not have it. Solution? We (I am the first) have to become experts in face-to-face networking. Yes, in person. No screens involved. Is not easy. Many of the events are of low quality, many of the networking networks are not they are pure sales networks. 

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