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Than the previous generation. And buying with the intention of being happy is an important reason.In addition, they are often convinced by the recommendations of real users. than from famous people The key point is They often value brands that are interested in social issues. This is because they place a greater emphasis on social issues compared to their predecessors. According to a survey, 80% of people in this group are willing to pay more for brands that are engaged or socially responsible or that matter. Ethics and issues that occur in society Therefore, brands need Create value with a clear mission.

The identity of Gen Z

Generation Z believes that success is “being happy with who I am. No matter what other people look at.” They tend to focus on their image and Luxembourg Mobile Number List personal identity. And see that purchasing decisions are an expression of one’s own values ​​and identity. They are willing to buy items that can enhance their image in some way. It is natural that they tend to support brands that help them create their own unique identity. This is partly due to the growing up in the age of social media, which has helped shape their desire to create their own identity and express themselves to the public, especially on various social media platforms . But what’s interesting is that 68% of these people agree with having a strong presence on social media in a way that “Be yourself” rather than createArtificial identity.

5. Gen Z Online Behavior

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We will talk about different behaviors. of Gen Z at all. If, after all, they don’t mention their online behavior. They are the only generation raised in a world CH Leads surrounded by innovation and modern technology. As a result, their daily lives are more connected to the online world and more engaged online than any other group. including the use of news from Facebook Read reviews of products and services. Or share personal life and everyday stories through Instagram, etc.

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