Editor This job requires some skill

 Well, they’re not quite perfect, but I’m quite happy with the end result. Video editing is a job that you can learn on your own with just the help of Youtube guide videos or study the media field at school. inexpensive online courses independently .  of active study and practice will surely make you a better editor than I am at the moment. The good thing about an editor’s work is that there are jobs available from small editing jobs to large projects (design, filming + editing). A good editor can bill 50–120 €/h, in which case the total billing can be 8,000–19,200 €/month. The income level depends on how skilled you are in editing, what the quality of the editing is and how much you are involved in the design of the video.a monthly need for editing (e.g.

For example, four weeks

Youtube or Instagram videos), you can easily get a guaranteed monthly income. 5. Writer Being an author may latest database sound like a scary job, but writing your own e-book is actually really fun. of the blog is precisely defined, you can easily make your first e-book by using your blog. Also read this: Do you know why you shouldn’t build your audience and customer base only on social media I myself wrote the personal finance-related e-book ” Sinulakki on oiksi vaurastua ” during the Digital Revolution E-book Mastermind in 2016. I also received guidance on the marketing and sales of the e-book from the course. Depending on the price of the e-book, you can get €5–18.70 after expenses per book sold. If you sell five books a day, you make around €2,800 in sales (unpaid) per month.

If you have a blog and the topic

BUT! The sales revenue of the e-book depends entirely on how much you market the book . If you just assume and wait for the book to sell itself, I dare say that your sales income will be around zero euros. More on the topic: How to write an e-book that will definitely be bought? It is worth taking the time to write an e-book. The e-book can be folded by a professional, in which case the cost of the e-book can rise to 500 euros + possible images. But you can also “fold” the e-book yourself. One example is the e-book The Basics of Business Blogging (the e-book is no longer for sale, 19.9.2021), which I have written with the free Google Docs program, edited it a bit and then uploaded the book in pdf file format. 6. Copywriter CH Leads The copywriter’s task is to write attractive and selling text either for websites or for the product’s sales page. In this job, you need good writing skills and some knowledge of marketing psychology.

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