From Surprise To Joy’ Cio’s View Of Microsoft’s Acquisition Of Linkedin

Higher rank by EAT principle
Google has come out to say and always repeat that. Content is very important for rankings. And more importantly, the content must be of good quality, based on the EAT principle.

Expertise Expertise in writing articles
Expertise in which will consist of many parts such as choosing keywords, structuring articles. content volume The use of various illustrations is interesting and allows readers to easily access the content.

Authoritativeness The authority or reputation of a brand or author.
Authority consideration will come from mentioning the brand or the hair that writes the article. Articles that are shared outside or social media can create authority for the author. Including having people bring the name of the website. Or search authors can create Authority as well.

For example, when more people search for Kim Karun on Google, authority will increase as well.

Trustworthiness credibility of the article
credibility of the article Here a lot of references to sources from well-known websites. reliable It could be a large organization, agency, or school. The extension at the end of a domain such as / also affects credibility.


 Optimize the “images” on the website.

Over the past year, Google has made North Korea Email List image search even more efficient. In the past, we might have seen it as just searching for images. But in the future, we can click the image to find out. Including the purchase of goods as well. This story is confirmed by Google.

If your site article images are still Just do it first so it’s there. Try to really turn back to focus and choose a sharp image. about the content Including file names and image descriptions (Alt Text) are also important because they are part of SEO. can’t go on anymore

Let’s Start

Country Email List

Trends in SEO can be said to change every year. Causing website makers to keep updating trends all the time Because when you overlook Competitors because they will jump up and overtake you at any time. Here are the trends for 2021. Try adjusting your website CH Leads according to these trends. And let’s put the website on the first page of Google!

Kim Karun
Kim Karoon, currently a Content Marketing & SEO Specialist of Clicknext, writes articles to educate about Digital Marketing on MakeWebEasy and Chatcone websites.

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