The old truth in terms of business competition Is that every business has to compete with competitors in their own market. But the reality of post-pandemic marketing is that businesses compete for the best possible customer experience. Because the epidemic era has resulted in higher consumer expectations. Especially Gen Z who grew up with technology that integrates seamlessly into their lives. With the onset of the pandemic, digital transformation was accelerated overnight. As a result, consumer expectations skyrocket in terms of what companies can do for them with more digital experiences.

Additionally, customers expect more than just seamless digital transactions. Therefore, companies Must have in-depth personal information or have Data Insight or Big Data ready to develop a good, predictable and personalized customer experience appropriately along the way in the customer journey. should be put into practice These include the following three strategies, not least of which ensures that a positive customer experience delivers on the increased customer expectations.

Make brand popularity a key KPI using real-time data analytics. Instead of taking snapshots that look back over a specific period of time


Establish the basis of appropriate Greece Mobile Number List information and technology. to support critical use cases throughout the customer journey.

Set personal and overall goals along the customer journey. So that there is no connection between silos or individual functions such as marketing, sales and customer service that the end consumer cannot see.

 Marketing and customer expectations

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In fact, customers expect brands to have what they want. But the new reality is that customers expect brands to They truly have what they want! This drives marketers towards new values. about customer experience In both B2C and B2B CH Leads contexts, today’s consumers expect experiences to be seamless, predictable, and seamless. relevant and connected in other words They are especially concerned with getting what they want when they really want it. only, and they hope that nothing will stand in their way. To create these experiences, brands need to put data and technology at the core of their organisation. This likely means taking Machine Learning and/or Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the next level.

Due to various information Help us create a more relevant experience. In the dimension of the 4Cs strategy, they are.

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