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Doing SEO to generate real sales doesn’t just focus on the first page of the website. But we should focus on SEO on every page, especially the page that can generate sales for the business like the product page.

If we can make the product page rank directly on Google, it will help customers to access the product quickly. Greatly increase sales opportunities for your business.

Let’s see if we want to make our product page on the page of Google, how should we adjust this page?


Customize friendly 

A simple thing and one that many Niue Email List people overlook is making a friendly URL or making our links user friendly. Many people who make E-Commerce websites, post product information, enter the name, price, product details and are ready to sell immediately. But I forgot something important like customizing the URL.

Go back and check to see if your product page URLs have been simplified.

Advantages of URL Friendly

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  1. It helps Search Engines to collect web pages more easily. (main goal)
  2. Allows website users to easily access products.
  3. Help website users to remember our URLs (few of them do, but they do).
  4. good for sharing or forward it to others more easily

Principles of making friendly URLs that are easy to understand

  • Keep it short, concise, and convey the meaning directly.
  • Use “ – ” symbols to separate parts of the URL.
  • If it’s in English, use only lowercase letters.
  • In English, avoid using words like “a,” “an,” or “the” in the URL.
  • Include product attributes in the URL, such as brand name, color, and size.
  •  Name the product to support search

    The most important thing in CH Leads  doing SEO on the product page is product naming This will determine what keywords your product will rank on the Google page.

    The best product naming conventions are as follows.

    1. Keyword (search term): It determines what keyword we want this product to rank.
    2. Attributes (brand name, color, size, etc.) : to make the product page Long tail keywords search or more specific searches are supported.
    3. The optimal number of titles is 60 characters: so that product names displayed on the Google Shopping Tab or Google Shopping Ads are not cut off.



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