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The name of the picture must not contain slang (wedding photo –> slang image), because the image cannot be displayed on a mobile device due to slang. images = reserve of free images. There are dozens of sites on the Internet where you can download free images and which can also be used for marketing purposes. Image banks include e.g. At the launch, the product is presented to a large audience.  1 to 2 weeks. During the launch, the product is on sale at a lower price or you get extra products / services (bonuses) with the product.

The launch takes an average of

A blog can also be launched, i.e. published to a large audience. During the launch, the aim is to create a period special data of “good buzz” around the product or blog. Traffic = Visitors / readers who come to the blog or website from Facebook, e-mail lists and search results Added value = some kind of content or information that the reader or customer can’t get from anywhere but you Add-on / Plugin / widget = Blog platforms and the editing possibilities offered by blogs are limited unless you know how to code. That’s why separate plugins have been developed for many blogging platforms that can be implemented without coding. -on to add a calendar, a search function, build an online store or a course platform to your blog content that gets people to link back to it Long tail keyword = long tail search phrase M Meta description / Slug = short, approximately 160 characters long text that appears in search results.

For example, you can use the add

This is where you should summarize the idea of ​​the post as attractively as possible Myinttitunneli / Myinttiputki / Sales Funnel / Ostoppilo = A series of functions built electronically, for example in an e-mail program, with the help of which products are offered to potential buyers. The sales tunnel and the sales process are automated as far as possible. You can also build a sales tunnel directly on the blog by using 5 to 7 blog posts. OF No-follow = a piece of code in the affiliate link that tells Google that the link in CH Leads question is not taken into account in the PageRank of either. The no-follow code should also be used when you don’t trust a site or blog that you still need to link to.

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