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 Not long ago, there was a tab called “ style” where you can configure the general aspects of web design, but now these options have been integrated into part of the Elementor workspace. These are configurable options: Default Universal Fonts: Elementor will use the loaded default font list if the font you are configuring does not load correctly at any time. Printing Plan B, Wow. Content width: Elementor displays parts of it 1140 pixels wide in the desktop version by default.

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You can change these pixels here. Space between widgets: Elementor allocates a 20-pixel interval between the    special data  widgets you use for your design by default. You can change this parameter here. Stretch to fit the section: When you set the Elementor section to full width, it fits the width of ‘body’ by default. If you want it to wrap around another CSS selector, you can point out here. Page Title Selector: If you want to hide H1 page titles with Elementor, the default identifier and class are usually ‘h1.

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entry-title’, but if your topic uses a different class, you should point out here, otherwise Elementor will not ‘know which one to hide it from. Tablet breakpoint: Here you can set the resolution of  CH Leads  the website to jump to the tablet version. By default they are 1025px. Breakpoints on mobile devices: As on the previous point, you can determine which pixels the mobile version will jump to here. By default it is 768 pixels.

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