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Corporate LinkIn account share FacebookLinkIn One of our specializations as a consulting company is running company accounts on LinkIn. We often get questions about how to start. So we come to help! Regardless of whether you represent a startup, a family business or a large corporation, LinkIn business opportunities are big enough to be worth taking advantage of. How to do it? Today, learn from this article how to create a company account on LinkIn step by step. Let’s start! How to prepare to create a company account on LinkIn? If you want to open a company account on LinkIn (the socall Company Page ), first of all, you must be present on this portal yourself and have a personal account.

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What’s more, the personal account cannot be a new account (the personal profile must be active for at least days) and you must have several friends in your group. The LI portal declar war on fake accounts some time ago (you can read about it here  ssocialpress linkinusuwafalszywekontaieliminujespamerow ) and database is. What’s more, in order to at least dream about the success of a business account, it is worth taking care of the quality and range of a personal account. Promoting, especially the organic, Company Page is extremely difficult.


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It requires full commitment, interesting and valuable content and regular action. Having a wellposition personal profile will help in promotion. It will facilitate establishing the first contacts and raise the level of professionalism on the company’s LinkIn  account. Company account on LinkIn start Step On the main page, in the upper bar, we can see icons. Among them is the products tab . We click and after expanding, LinkIn offers various options. At the very bottom is Create a business page . We click! Step The Create LinkIn Page tab gives you four options to choose from Small CH Leads company less than employees.

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