Like mayoclinic’s informational videos. Complete with embede subtitles and video transcripts: screenshot from mayoclinic video screenshot from mayoclinic video extra pieces of user experience (ux) or microcopy that offers practical prompts or descriptions as you hover over every design element (buttons. Text. Imagery. Input boxes. Etc.). This can provide clear advice on how to navigate your way through the page. Mayoclinic. For example. Offers its users an interactive on-page keyboard to make it easier for its users to search for information on diseases and conditions: screenshot from mayoclinic conditions list screenshot from mayoclinic conditions list use customization options that allow people to change the contrast or brightness of any screen or page they’re browsing top tip: read the uk government’s advice on designing for accessibility.

Be more aware of digital accessibility

Be more aware of digital accessibility considering neurodivergent users for your online content is just one part of a greater awareness of accessibility issues for your brand. The digital marketing institute has been partnering with accessibility experts tpgi to create ux practices that cater to all users of our programs. Resources. Webinars and other areas. This includes working within official web content accessibility guidelines (wcag) and performing a vpat to ensure conformity to those. To learn more about digital accessibility. Read our three-part series on what marketers nee to know. Check out our webinar on accessibility.

Neurodiversity in your workforc

 And listen to our podcast on accessibility featuring two guests who speak from their own experiences of autism and sight loss. Neurodiversity in your workforce while these tips on inclusive content are valuable. There’s no denying that the very best way to ensure your marketing campaigns and content are fully accessible to neurodivergent users is by having the right people in-house. The biggest experts on creating inclusive content for neurodivergent consumers are. Well. Neurodivergent marketers. With neurodivergent marketers on the team. You will implement the tips and adjustments we’ve discusse here in a way that is correct. Compliant. And offers real value. By being more inclusive in their hiring decisions. Today’s brands stand a chance of achieving genuinely inclusive marketing content and communications. Tech colossus microsoft.

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