Many neurodivergent users find it challenging to process colors that appear too bright or contrasting. So. Using more understate colors with pastel tones or single-hues will make your content designs (landing pages. Blog posts. Emails. App screens. Etc.) less overwhelming. Using a maximum of three complementary colors on a white background is generally the best approach when it comes to making your content design more inclusive for neurodivergent users. Using these colors consistently on-page is also important as it will reuce mental stress or burnout. For instance. You can assign one color to anchor text. One color to cta buttons.

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And one color to headings to avoid confusion or frustration. Screenshot from scope website screenshot from scope website scope’s website. For example. Uses a subtle blend of colors that incorporates white. The colors are use consistently and the turquoise-style button at the top of the screen differentiates from the other purple buttons to highlight the organization’s deicate to offering advice and support. When you’re designing a piece of marketing content. You should always use clean and concise visuals to support your text. Airbnb is a good example of a brand using imagery to support its accommodation descriptions.

Become a world class digital marketere

Screenshot from airbnb listing 20445002 screenshot from airbnb listing 20445002 become a world class digital marketer 3. Offer your content in a choice of formats one of the most effective ways of making your digital marketing content is to offer it in a range of formats. Doing so will ensure your consumers can access what you have to offer in a way they feel most comfortable. Here are some formats to consider: audio reading or transcription features that narrate your text and offer audio prompts as your consumers browse through your content fully descriptive subtitles for any form of video or animate visual content.

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