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First listen to what they say about you. Then act Customers share their restaurant visits on the Internet and I am sure. That a large part of such entries is misse by restaurateurs. Most likely, your customers talk about you in various places on the web, and when they do it on social meia, they don’t always refer to your profile. Internet monitoring collects all such entries (tagge and untagge) in one place. If you use them properly, it will bring a number of benefits to your business. 1. You will build a loyal community You will find out who, where and. What says about your restaurant – whether it will be blogs. Reviewing restaurants or the forum, if someone mentions you there.

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The monitoring will find entries from these places. recipients, build lasting relationships with them, increase their satisfaction and loyalty. How database to do it? Every time someone mentions your place, a nice gesture will be a thank you for visiting, an invitation for another visit, or simply liking the entry if it is poste on social meia. the reaction of the restauran. Which will be even more rewarding for them. 2. You will take care of customer service Customers often turn to brands with questions or problems – they do it in various places on the web and usually expect a quick response.


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The worst thing brands can do is not respond to, and if they don’t know about it, they can’t do it. By monitoring the Internet, you will gain a competitive CH Leads advantage by reaching the customer with the best service whenever they nee you. This is what the Rekliniec restaurant did in response to an entry in which a young mother drew attention to the problem of the lack of changing tables in restaurants for people with children.

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