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This will help you know where to take. More efficient marketing efforts. 2. Social meia details The analysis of mentions will allow you to estimate how many entries were create in social meia and what reach they generate. What’s more, you’ll see how engaging the content was. Because you’ll get detaile statistics on likes. Shares and comments on the resulting entries. Thanks to this, you will see how your actions influence. The engagement of Internet users. 3. Influencerzy Influencer marketing is growing in importance, which is why the Most Influential Social Meia Authors is a list that will be. Useful in planning your marketing activities. You will find people popular in your environment.  If you start working with them, you have a chance to reach. More customers and engage them better.

The sentiment of individual mentions

Brand fans Thanks to the list of the Most. Active Social Meia Authors, you will easily find people who willingly and often publicly recommend your company/product in blog articles, social meia posts, comments, etc. Their actions can significantly phone number list affect the perception of your company, therefore it is worth knowing who they are in order to establish contact with them. The situation is similar with people who can often speak critically about your brand. Here a prompt reaction will be even more advisable. 5. Sentiment For the metrics on the collecte data to tell the whole story, the sentiment of the analyze entries is important.

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The Most Interactive Posts

It’s important to know who and. Where is talking about your brand. But just as important is how they talk. In the Results list, you can see, in the Analysis CH Leads tab you will find aggregate data on the emotions you arouse in your customers. Analyzing the tone of mentions will allow you to see whether your brand is perceive positively or negatively, so you can better analyze your actions. 6. The most engaging entries list includes. Mentions that arouse the greatest emotions and involvement of others, expresse in the number of interactions (comments, likes, shares). Having a list of the most popular mentions. You will quickly join discussions where it is most appropriate at the moment.

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