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Go to the content Refreshing business logo About me Services Folder Blog Contact Free New!Internet Rental How to Install and Configure Element or 2 Reviews/Website Design/Author: Edu Rubina’s In this article, I will teach you how to install, activate, and configure Element or plugins, including free and premium versions. Element or is the best visual layout designer for web design and once you understand it, it will be your best ally.

the one to force you not to use them XD

 Element or itself is already a brutal tool, but it is important  new data   that you know ( if you don’t already know ), and other developers have provided Element or with many add-ons that turn this layout generator into a massive weapon breach. Let’s look at the process you came to…… Stage directory index for designing website Install and activate Element or element settings Set transport( professional) custom font(PRO) custom icon( custom code) professional version

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( professional version) file manager Tools System information First step Get help License( professional version) To install Elementary, you only need to follow these steps: Go to Plugin > Add  CH Leads  a new plugin and search Element or in the plugin search engine. Click “ install”, then click “ activate”. When you are ready, you have now installed Elementor for free. Simple. How to install Elementor Now, if you want to install

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