The call to action must also respond to the criterion of clarity

The call to action must also respond to the criterion of clarity . For the cta to work. It must be compos of a simple. Immiate message that leaves no shadow of doubt about the action to be taken (and about doing it at that exact moment!). The graphic aspect is also important: the call to action must be clearly visible. Perhaps highlight by contrasting colors and position perfectly. So that it is not hidden by any element. Take your customer by the hand and accompany him to complete his purchase with ease!

It may seem trivial or obvious

It may seem trivial or obvious. Yet it is not! Always test the functioning of the buttons and forms that you insert into your landing page to prevent any changes or carelessness from rendering your work in vain. 4- value contentsThe contents of the landing page must be perfectly capable of new data conveying the full value of your offer/service/product . Explain to your readers all the advantages and benefits of what you are offering them: be clear. Convincing and transparent. If you promise your customers a discount coupon for those who fill out the form. Explain all the steps to them: how to receive it. How it should be us and the possible end of validity. Leave no doubts or unknowns.

One of the main purposes of a landing page

One of the main purposes of a landing page is to collect CH Leads  user data through a contact form . This form must be structur so that the user feels comfortable filling it out: short. Concise and clear. It is a very precious tool: as already mention. Always check that it is working and make sure that it is us without difficulty or hesitation. 6 – optimiz and fast pageYour landing page must be responsive . I.E. Optimiz for mobile devices. It is absolutely necessary to avoid the page freezing when view from a tablet or smartphone. As well as excessively slow loading. Your customers might “Run away?!”

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