Another element capable of attracting the user

Another element capable of attracting the user are images: the site must be enrich with high quality and. Obviously. Relevant images that can tell about your business and your products/services. Always customize the file name of upload images and include alt tags.5 – featur snippets will become more relevant.Featur snippets will become more relevant: implement in 2017. They are increasingly taking on a decisive role in search engines. A featur snippet is a very useful tool for being on the first. Much covet. Search engine results page and “Stealing” traffic from your competition

Featur snippets show a portion of information

.Featur snippets show a portion of information. Often in the form of a new database question and answer. A short bullet list. Or a how-to guide. The google search feature “People also ask” can be useful for finding inspiration and creating focus. Interesting snippets. Find out how we can bring your business online and improve your sales performance. Contact us now and we will present you with all the details of our integrat e-commerce solution tailor-made for you.Landing pages are a fundamental tool in marketing strategies. Characteriz by an effective and evident call to action.

Landing pages must push for conversion

Landing pages must push for conversion. Precisely because they are CH Leads  independent from the website. They can and must focus on a well-defin objective and present it to the internet user in a simple and. At the same time. Captivating way. But how to build an effective and successful landing page? Here are the 7 main elements for your marketing tool to bring the desir results. 1 – clear titleThe title is the first sentence we read on a page. The first element that strikes us. It must be clear and consistent with the content that the landing will present. Convincing. Coherent. Incisive: a self-respecting title must absolutely meet these criteria. 

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