What Is Alt Text Let’s Do Seo For Images On The Website

As for SEO, there are many factors that Google uses as criteria to rank our website. Whether it’s the website structure, content, traffic, or even illustrations , it plays a part as well. Google’s algorithm developments make every day the bots that visit our website become smarter. But there is still one thing that it still doesn’t do as well as us humans, that is, looking at images because what Google sees is not an image. but the name of the uploaded file and Alt Text

People see illustrations as images, but Google sees them as code.

What is Alt Text?
Alt Text (Alternative Text) is a description of an image inserted in the HTML code of a website. This description will not be displayed on the web page. But the advantages of it that we should not overlook is It affects SEO too!


Why we should caption images

1. Screen Reader support
Google sees that today there are many Papua New Guinea Email List visually impaired people who are unable to see. And this group of people use Screen Reader to read various information. provided on the website what the Screen Reader reads will be Website content and Alt Text that we put in the image. If we don’t enter it, it will read the image name instead.

We may see this as a far-fetched matter. It’s not relevant to us, but Google has covered this too in their SEO starter guide.

Screen Reader will read images without Alt Text as filenames


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2. Let Google know that images are relevant to the content.
In general, Google can know that What is the article we write about through reading the text on the website, but what Google doesn’t know is how it relates to the content ? to the details of that image

For example, if there are images CH Leads on our website, Google will see that the page has 2 images, but it doesn’t know which one it is.

An example of an illustration without Alt Text.

And when we add Alt Text to describe an illustration, Google knows that both of these images are related to food.

Example of an illustration with Alt Text to describe the image.

3. It has a positive impact on Google Image rankings.
Did you know that Google Image is the 2nd largest search engine in the world! is Google Search), which is 20% of all online searches.




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